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If you are a student or young adult researching career pathways that are a best fit for you, we recommend using this page as your guide.

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Workforce Solutions Capital Area connects local people to local jobs. Whether you need a job right now or are looking for a career pathway that will help you achieve the lifestyle you want to live, we’re here for you!

Additional Resources

Check out our targeted occupations, which we’ve identified as in-demand in our region and reach out to our career center staff today to find out if you’re eligible for a scholarship.

Did you know Workforce Solutions can pay for your post-secondary training?

Career Planning

Use this to explore careers and training in our region or take an assessment to see what careers are best for you. 

Career Coach

Printable resources for students and job seekers to explore careers in different industries.

Career Profiles

High-level overview of careers that require high skills but have high-growth.

High-Skills, High-Growth Jobs

Connect what you’re learning in school with real-life jobs and potential careers. Check out this document to view summer opportunities. 

Summer Opportunities

Check out our library of career-related and skill-building videos as you begin exploring what career or job is best for you!

Career Awareness Webinar Series

Calculator that walks you through the income, education, and training needed to have the lifestyle you want in your career.

Texas Reality Check

Kick start your career in an essential industry. Learn about local skilled trades apprenticeship programs — gain work experience and graduate with little to no debt!

Union Apprenticeship Book

Enter your current or previous job title and get a list of career matches that use similar skills.

My Skills, My Future

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