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Are you an educator ready to find the best resources to help your student develop a career plan? This page has events and resources on high-demand and high-growth industries in the Austin Metro Area.

Teacher Externships

Workforce Solutions Capital Area is partnering with employers, school districts, and community colleges to offer a weeklong paid teacher externship experience. 


The Teacher Externship Program will connect 130+ school teachers and counselors with local businesses this summer. Teachers will be hosted by employers for at least three days in which they are able to observe and speak to employees about the skills, certifications, and career pathways within the company. After the externship, teachers are required to create lesson plans based on their experiences, which they can then use in the classroom.

Watch our short video highlighting some of the companies and teachers who participated in last summer’s externship program.

Benefits to Participating:

  • Connect with local businesses to identify work-based learning experiences for your students. 

  • Explore the skills, certifications and education required for a variety of professions.

  • Develop a lesson plan based on your industry experience to share with students in your classrooms!


Work-based learning experiences allow students to learn about and try different jobs. In some cases, student placements can lead to permanent jobs after finishing school.

Interested in work-based learning experiences?

Externship Resources

Interested but need more info? Check out our FAQ page to get started! Feel free to reach out to contact us for any other questions.

Teacher Externship FAQ

Need some inspiration? We've got you covered. Take a look at this template to build out your lesson plan!

Sample Lesson Plan Outline

Not all skills are learned in the classroom. Keep this skills observation form on hand during your externship and take note of the skills and abilities that employers value! Incorporate these skills into your lesson plans to help your students get ready for the world of work.

Skills Observation Form

​Check out this lesson plan submitted from Summer 2021!

Sample Lesson Plan

​Check out this lesson plan submitted from Summer 2021!

Sample Lesson Plan

Check out this lesson plan submitted from Summer 2021!

Sample Lesson Plan
Health Science

Career Exploration Resources for Youth